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Wusthof Knives — Outlet Store Bonanza

Wusthof Knives — Outlet Store Bonanza

Wusthof, Wusthof, Wusthof!! I’ve got Wusthof knives on the brain. . .mainly because I’ve been working on a definitive article to add to the KitchenKnifeGuru website that should cover everything Wusthofian. Weeeell, let’s not get carried away, but at least it should offer shoppers some serious guidance

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Why I’m Wary of Kitchen Knife Sets

Why I'm Wary of Kitchen Knife Sets

No doubt kitchen knife sets are festive and grand and really make you feel like a bona fide chef. But many times your kitchen knife needs might be better served by shopping piece by piece rather than springing for a set. Here’s why: 1) You’ll be free

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