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My mission is simple: Teach every living thing how to keep their kitchen knives sharp. Sharp is fast. Sharp is fun. Sharp is the key to kitchen happiness. Find a professional knife sharpener, view a video on how to hone, or read a highly opinionated blog post on the latest kitchen gadget—it’s all here!
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Knife Sharpening
Action Plan

Tired of not having sharp kitchen knives? Of squishing tomatoes instead of simply slicing them? If you crave performance but are crunched for time—here’s a fast-track action plan. . . Read more

Professional Knife Sharpening

I’m a very very very very very picky person. Especially when I want to be. So, when it came to reviewing professional knife sharpening services, rest assured, I did not take the task lightly. . . Read more

What's a
Honing Steel?

You’ve probably heard about honing steels before—more simply known as steels. You might even have one stashed away in your knife block—that metal rod with a handle that came with. . . Read more

Keep Your Kitchen Knives Sharp — Top Ten Tips

1) Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never ever chop on glass, steel, ceramic, granite, or anything hard and unyielding. (Check out this John Boos Maple board or this Oneida plastic one.)

2) Never use your knives to hack at turkey joints, saw through frozen cookie dough (or anything else frozen for that matter). They’re not chisels or cleavers, but highly-tuned instruments.

kitchen knives in sink

Kitchen knife no-no

3) Never soak them in the sink—or leave them in a puddle of tomato puree. They may be stainless steel, but their super-fine edges are suckers for corrosion.

4) Always wash separately in hot water. Hand-dry only—never leave in a pool of wet. (Stylish dish towels anyone?)

5) Ban them from the dishwasher—no matter what the manufacturer’s warranty says.

6) Never store them in a drawer so they can bang around with the riffraff. Always use a knife block or edge protectors.

7) Hone them regularly, the proper way. (I’ll teach you how—it’s easy!)

8) Sharpen them, or get them sharpened, once a year. Maybe sooner if you’re a heavy-duty user.

9) Never ever sharpen them with the can-opener sharpener like your Mom might of had. Either take them to a qualified pro or learn how to use a quality sharpening system.

10) Do not over sharpen. Hone (or steel) instead. (Take a look at my recommended honing steels.)

How to Buy a Great Chef Knife

A chef knife (or cook's knife) is the soul of the kitchen. It’s the tool you most use without even thinking, but can’t live without. It’s in your hands pre-dinner when you mince garlic and there again when you quarter a watermelon. . . Read more

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